Most Important King Kommagene Antiochus

The Most Important King of Kommagene: Antiochus I

The most important king of the Kommagene Kingdom, with his superscription “Theos Dikaios Epiphanes Philoromaios Philhellenos”, is Antiochus I. Not long after the king acceded, the reign of Roman Empire was given an end and Kommagene declared its freedom again after a long while. Very quickly after this, a stela was put up with the well-known handshake […]

Nemrut Season Open 2017

2017 Season is Open

Registered to UNESCO World Heritages List and being one of the honorable sites, Mount Nemrut just opened the season for 2017 earlier than it usually does. Once the roads were cleared out of snow, tourists started to visit Mount Nemrut amazed with the view, not believing their eyes. Most of the times, while they would […]