New Welcoming Center Built Guests Opened Nemrut

New Welcoming Center Built For Guests Opened

After the quick start for the new season and the beginning of the first visits, the new welcoming center built for the guests is opened. Nemrut, which was accepted as the 8th wonder of the world, made a good start for the tourism season and this year it seems that it will be one of […]

Most Important King Kommagene Antiochus

The Most Important King of Kommagene: Antiochus I

The most important king of the Kommagene Kingdom, with his superscription “Theos Dikaios Epiphanes Philoromaios Philhellenos”, is Antiochus I. Not long after the king acceded, the reign of Roman Empire was given an end and Kommagene declared its freedom again after a long while. Very quickly after this, a stela was put up with the well-known handshake […]

Nemrut Season Open 2017

2017 Season is Open

Registered to UNESCO World Heritages List and being one of the honorable sites, Mount Nemrut just opened the season for 2017 earlier than it usually does. Once the roads were cleared out of snow, tourists started to visit Mount Nemrut amazed with the view, not believing their eyes. Most of the times, while they would […]

How To Get To Mount Nemrut

How To Get To Mount Nemrut

There are couple of ways to get to Mount Nemrut National Park depending on how you travel. If you like driving, you can also add some other interesting sites enroute. What is the distance between Adiyaman and Nemrut? Adiyaman Airport – Nemrut 66 Km Adiyaman Merkez – Nemrut 86 Km Adiyaman – Kahta 34 Km […]

Kommagene History Duluk Baba

Kommagene History Before Antiochus

Located at a geography that has an importance strategically and for its natural sources, it is possible to see settlements since Paleolithic Age in ancient history of Kommagene Kingdom. Mentioned and praised couple of times in Assyrian Trade Colonies tablets as well, its surroundings and a part of Syrica bordering today’s Turkey, was under the […]

Kommagene Map

Kummuh: The Ancient City of the Kommagene Kingdom

Before the reign of Roman Empire, unfortunately, there is no good amount of written source that reached the present day. Even if we don’t have a great idea about the borders of this glorious kingdom; we can say it was located or even larger than the border in between the Taurus Mountains and the Euphrates. […]

Mount Nemrut General View

Mount Nemrut National Park in Adiyaman, Turkey

Located in the Eastern Taurus mountain range peaks in southeastern Adiyaman, Turkey, Mount Nemrut is a hidden jewel of temple tomb and residence of gods created by the late Hellenistic King Antiochos I of Commagene Kingdom (69-34 B.C.E) dedicating it to himself by considering himself as a god as well. The adventure for this amazing […]